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mc screwdriva

mc screwdriva


joint pic of the month


Mc Tboy is on it again…. I cant wait..go bro….Da CMM.

MC TBoy *cmm* the
Certified Mad man, The
Professor of Zuzuology
who is the Winner of the
Hotfm Street to Stage
Comedy battle Is Currently
in the Studio Cooking up
some Hot Stuffs for his
Supportters and Loved
ones. I promise to make
you guys laugh out so
loud. So expect something
Hot from me. As we keep
our Fingers Crossed. One

Mc screwdriva has nominated as wordpress comedian of the year.

Popular comedian Mc screwdriva has be nominated for the category of wordpress comedian of the year…..after been interviewed by entertanment express, he said, he is over joyed with the nomination.. He also urge family and friends to vote for him……..he is also known as ..the Eye drum of comedy…

juliet ibrahim am hotter than kim k.

Reality Or Comedy?: Juliet Ibrahim
Claims She’s “100 Times Hotter” Than
Kim Kardashian
Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has joined the legion of people
airing their irritation about the appearance of Kim Kardashian at
Darey’s Love Like A Movie concert, and even added more, saying
she was “100 times” prettier than the reality star.
Reacting to a comment on her Instagram page after she expressed
her dissatisfaction at show organizers paying for the TV reality
star to make an appearance at the Darey ‘Love Like a Movie’
Miss Ibrahim exploded stating:
“The fact is and will always remain I, Juliet Ibrahim is 100 times
hotter, prettier than Kim k! I have every right to say so Cus I am
an African woman without any surgeries and natural beauty is what
I brag of. If this is offending u pls kindly walk without your faulty
specs and bang your head into a wall”

Another killing by an athlete.

Former Fulham & West Ham defender John Paintsil has been
arrested by police in Ghana for allegedly inflicting serious injuries
on her.
This was confirmed by Greater Accra Police PRO Freeman Tettey in
an interview with Joy News a while ago.
It is not clear the cause of the misunderstanding. Police describe
the incident as domestic quarrel.
A freelance journalist Haruna Maiga who was at the Legon Police
where John Paintsil is being held said the deputy Black Stars
skipper was brought together with his three kids.
They were escorted by a group of police men, one armed.
Freeman Tetteh said Paintsil is being held for assault and causing
The wife, Richlove Paintsil is reported to have jumped the
Trasacco wall to her neighbour, ostensibly to escape the assault
of the husband but Paintsil is alleged to have followed into the
neighbour’s house and handed a few slaps to the man holding the
The wife is said to be unconscious after sustaining serious injuries
to her eye.
She is said to be responding to treatment at the hospital.
Paintsil was part of the Black Stars team that came fourth in the
just ended 2013 Nations Cup.

Cold war between goldie and jmartins.

There’s serious bad blood right
now between two music stars:
Goldie and J Martins. It’s a long
story, but I’ll try to make it short.
Goldie invited J Martins to South
Africa in November to appear in
the video of a song they did
together called Give It To Me. J
Martins asked for business class.
Goldie said she couldn’t afford it.
J Martins agreed to come
reluctantly. Then he told Goldie to
pick him up at the airport. Goldie
sent someone instead. J Martin
refused to follow the man Goldie
sent to the airport to pick him
up, saying he didn’t know the
man and didn’t want to be
kidnapped (which makes sense).
J Martins took a taxi, then
checked himself into a $700
hotel, refusing to check into the
hotel Goldie had booked for him.
Goldie and other members of her
crew then went to J Martins’
hotel to see him but he refused
to see them. He said he was tired,
and was not feeling well, so
couldn’t see anyone. Then the
morning of the shoot, J Martins
refused to come to set. He asked
Goldie and her crew to pay for
his hotel accommodation. $700 x
5 nights = $3, 500. Goldie said
she couldn’t afford it. After much
begging and talks, J Martins
agreed to two nights refund
which was $1400.
After that was settled, J Martins
didn’t show up on set till 3pm
that afternoon. When he got on
set, he refused to enter the video
until they gave him the $1400.
Then he complained about the
costumes, said they weren’t his
style, he complained about this,
complained about that, he
refused to do this, refused to do
that…he was rude to the crew, he
was talking on the phone instead
of shooting…etc…etc.
Anyway, to cut the long story
short, the white guys shooting
the video got tired of all the
drama and packed their stuff and
left without completing the
video. J Martins shot some scenes
but not all Goldie is said to be
pretty angry at J Martins right
now because she lost a lot of
money as a result of his
behaviour and she didn’t even
get an apology from him.
Right now, they are ‘sworn
End of story! 🙂